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hye you all it's me serra yana... actually i'm just creat this blog..so still new..so i hope all of u can teach me about editing blog n so on... i'm a freindly person..^^ so click follower to know me more..hehe Photobucket
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

merentas desa! or running of the yer...

hi i'm back..
how ya doing??
hehehehe it's have been so lon time i haven't update my blog...
i think this my first time i'm update for this new yer :)
hehehe actually,i'm suddenly felt like to share some story mory with all of u...since many things happen in this yer..but i den't get time to update it..so i gonna update some in what have happen to day...tada...read bellow

the weather is great..so fresh...

see the weather..so cold rite??

the sun bright now olready 9.am

i dun known why i take this pic:P lol

actually i'm just wake up from my comfort sleep..kinda tired today merents desa..huh..but it's okeyh for me i like running..my leg also dosen't feel hurt at ol..hehe i thought it might b hurt like last yer...hehehe but it's seem deffrent since i use of it..hehehe..this yer again i'm running with my best chingu Haifaa Aisyah..heheh i dun care i din't get any present n any point or sijil since this my last yer i gonna run with my chingu...hehehe serious my first time i'm walking n running..before this i'm run stairght until the final destination...n i got sijil for it in from 1...hehe in from 2,3,4 i din't run since i did not go to school coz some problem...hehehehe..anywhere happy i keep my promise to run with my chingu :D i hope i got another chance to prove for all that i'm a faster running too...heheheheh but since this my last yer i gonna prof it in my university..hust wait n see..hehehe 

i will update soon when i have time..


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