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Saturday, January 21, 2012

merentas desa! or running of the yer...

hi i'm back..
how ya doing??
hehehehe it's have been so lon time i haven't update my blog...
i think this my first time i'm update for this new yer :)
hehehe actually,i'm suddenly felt like to share some story mory with all of u...since many things happen in this yer..but i den't get time to update it..so i gonna update some in what have happen to day...tada...read bellow

the weather is great..so fresh...

see the weather..so cold rite??

the sun bright now olready 9.am

i dun known why i take this pic:P lol

actually i'm just wake up from my comfort sleep..kinda tired today merents desa..huh..but it's okeyh for me i like running..my leg also dosen't feel hurt at ol..hehe i thought it might b hurt like last yer...hehehe but it's seem deffrent since i use of it..hehehe..this yer again i'm running with my best chingu Haifaa Aisyah..heheh i dun care i din't get any present n any point or sijil since this my last yer i gonna run with my chingu...hehehe serious my first time i'm walking n running..before this i'm run stairght until the final destination...n i got sijil for it in from 1...hehe in from 2,3,4 i din't run since i did not go to school coz some problem...hehehehe..anywhere happy i keep my promise to run with my chingu :D i hope i got another chance to prove for all that i'm a faster running too...heheheheh but since this my last yer i gonna prof it in my university..hust wait n see..hehehe 

i will update soon when i have time..


Thursday, December 29, 2011

i will on my HIatus n happy new year

as u all read like above..next yer i already 17 yer old next year..huhuhuh just cannot belive i oready big..huhuhu so fast..well as u all know all students in malay need to face with ''SIJIL PELAJARAN MALAYSIA'' or the short fom we call spm..yeah look like i one of all thousand students will face with spm..so scared..n just last day i went to school for pendaftaran(check in)..fuh Alhamdulillah i still in classs A in nest year..i think i gonna be in class b..heheheh since my result is bad..:P hehehe well hope next year i will do my best more to become a succes girls :D hehehehe

azam next year:
 no more playing around,no more jokes n other kid things
 be quiet n clever gul in my class
 stop or less a lil bout kpop things...
be more focus when doing everything
being more serious in all setution
no more shy girl..be more energy n always ask teacher if i dun understad
 be a better girl
always finish all da homework n always send book in sharp time...hehehehe

hope i can full all da above..fighting  o-(^0^)-o

i need to full ol my dream above:

study hard ----> get 10A+ -----> go to universiti in korean >0< i realy hope so >< -----> be a succes women n happy with my work


study hard----> get 10A+ -----> went to universiti(i dun care even in malaysian or other else) ------> work n happy with my work ----> saving money -----> went for vacation in KOREAN..>< i realy wanna go there...

for this time..that all what i plane for..hehehe other wait until i'm work lol XD

okeyh my plane after finish my spm while waiting for da result..hehehe

find some work to earm more money ;)
 went for some vacation n relaxing in korean
 making some plane for my future
take cooking class
 selling kpop stuff on9
 spend time with my best chingu
online all da time :P
watching korean drama n reality show XD
 spend my moneyh to buy my fave things :D

that all what i think i gonna do after finish with my spm :)

my saving plane:
bring my own food n drink
went to libary
doing all da homework that teacher gave that day
doing study group
solat dhuha
avoid place taht can waste my money

hehehehehe that my saving plane hehehehe

so i have sahred something with us before i'm be on my long H.I.A.T.U.S
if u have anything to ask me or wanna leave a message just feel free to comment at down or just pm me at fb :D
before i'm forget i wanna wish with all student that taking upsr,pmr,spm for da next year all da best n good luck for ol :D fighting!!

well before i be on my long hiatus i wanna wish


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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the things i do on holiday

as i promise all...i gonna update the past aktivities i do a long my holiday rite...now i yana nk tunaikan janji k..
but yana ringkaskn yer..

yana x ingt trikh biler..xp yana nan kezen2 yana yg lebeyh kurng sebaya telah merempet hehehehe*merempet ka??* heheheh kitaorang g jalan2 lah ronda kg halaman ku yg cantek,kkitaorng jumper satu homestay niyh cun la..yana rekomen kat korang kalu nk cri homestay kot belah jitra cari la homestay kg pisang aheheheh..best..okeyh mls nak ckp bnyk,kalu panjang lebar kang korang x larat nk bacer plak rite..so nak ringkaskan jer just see the pic above
dalam tuh kalu korng nmpk ada kig cobra..beso o..

what a nice view rite :)

it's was peachfull at here..

the owner of the homestay..the pic show he had interview buy us

girl generation..

see at the back of us..it's a kenu u also can kayaking

u also can fishing...

okeyh second activities...

sepanjang cuti niyh before kezen yana home to kl back uri hyung bawk kitaorng main bowling...hehehehe
let's take a look for da pic..mls nak menaip lah..hehehehe..enjoin..

third activities..cook spegethi cabonara <3
erm yummy i still feel the tast..

okeyh early in the morning we woke up to go for pasar pagi for buying some stuff that we need to cook spagethi cabonara..u can search the recipies at google..heheh

pasa pagi!

okeyh then we ready to cook when we were at home..prepare all da things we need..but malang x berbau semasa kitaorng tengk masa..dapur kehabisan gas..ah nmpknya hariniyh kiter akan balik ke zaman dahulu kala lahh....haha dapur kayu la jawbnya...best pa dapur kayu pon..hehe agk leceyh turn nk nyalakn api><

the recipies that we get from google

berfacebook while cooking..hehe

all da things we need to make spagethi cabonara :D

the sauce for cabonara is ready!

making for meat ball

panggang lala yg lebih

prepare for the meatball mixed with cheeese

btw we have bake cake,choclate cake..it's seen lil bit worse but the taste is delisious...

prepare for da sauce

meat ball mixed with egg n cheese

nilah rupa spageti kitaorng..sedap oo..

that all..tengk diorng makn sedp..dengn bersemngt dan gelojihnya=='' hehehe tuh tandanya sedap..heheheh

that all,hope u like my story..love to shared with u guys soon..anyeong